Entire Families Coming to Know the Lord

We have seen how God has really blessed individual lives and families as a whole in miraculous ways. More often than not, we have seen that when one person comes to Christ, their entire family follows. Listen to the words of one of these families that were miraculously saved by the Lord Jesus Christ and how they are now on fire for their Savior.

It was like what befell Job who lost everything! Our family lost almost everything. Father was found to suffer from diabetes, my brother from Leukemia. What terrible blows! Then all our pigs in our farm died – simply perished! We lost everything! We had about 1,000 pigs. Suddenly they were gone! All of them, like in the story of Job. Then God took Cong Tuan. It was ‘blow upon blow.’ But no – it was God’s hand of mercy! He was leading us to salvation. For during this time of treatment in Singapore we had the opportunity to be witnessed to and loved on by the Church in Singapore. God really used them to lead my brother to the Lord and then opened the door for me to make Jesus Lord of my life.
— Tram's Testimony


 First Cong Tuan (The brother with leukemia) and his Sister believed!  Then their Mother followed (and gave up suicidal ideas).  Later, the Father also believed, followed by many relatives and friends.  The sowing of the Gospel continued day after day, week after week.  Relatives and friends received the Gospel – and believed!  Idols and ancestral spirits were given up.  Presently, the number of conversions is up to 50 and counting– praise the Lord! Three years ago, Lien and I had the opportunity to share the Gospel with Tram (the writer of the above) but she was closed to the truth that Jesus was the only God and that He alone offered life, true life. We had not heard from her in almost two years before we read her report of how she and her entire family have been radically saved from Buddhism and Ancestry worship.