Reaching out to Victims of Typhoon Haiyan

The Bible is clear about reaching out to help the poor and needy especially when it is in our ability to do so.

"Do not withhold good from those who deserve it when it's in your power to help them." (Proverbs 3:27)

The Lord has called us to be rescuers to those who are poor and helpless, especially since He has given us the ability to do so. Those of us living in the US cannot even begin to imagine what it is like to be one of the poorest of the poor in a Third World country like Vietnam.  They have areas of impoverished people groups that are unmatched in the world. One of those areas is found in Central Vietnam.  

As you know, Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines with such force and destruction that it simply ravaged the lower Islands. It was headed right for Central Vietnam at a high rate of speed but miraculously transitioned to a Northern direction which left the blunt of the wind off the shores of Central Vietnam. However the rains still fell in excess throughout the region. Any other time the rain would have been gladly welcomed, but at this time, flooding had already been a problem before the Typhoon came near. This left this poor region in a shambles. Made up of rice fields and poor farmers, Central Vietnam’s economy depends on the land, so when floods hit, severe famine results for those who live in the area.
This is where we step in as the Church to "Rescue the poor and Helpless."  We have been partnering with pastors in this region to send food through them to those most in need.  We also see this as an evangelism effort, as they will use this opportunity to share the Gospel and then invite them to a Christmas celebration in December.   Our goal is to not just rescue the people impacted by the typhoon, but from Satan himself and the grips of Hell. 

Christmas Care Package going to those in Central Vietnam impacted by the recent Typhoon.

Christmas Care Package going to those in Central Vietnam impacted by the recent Typhoon.

Our goal is to be able to provide a Christmas Care Package containing food and a Holy Bible to every family who attends this event.  The food supply bags will include 10lbs of rice, nine bags of noodles, one bag of sugar, one bottle of oil and a Holy Bible. These supplies will be enough food to last a family of 4-5 a whole week, but the gospel and Holy Bible will last them an eternity. We are also putting together Christmas gift bags as a blessing to the children that will include a book, pens, pencils, stickers, and candy. The cost of the food care packages with the Bible is around $10 each and the children’s gift bags cost about $2.50 each.  Our goal is to have 100 families attend this Christmas celebration and hope to hand out 300 gift bags to the children.
Please pray for this effort and that everyone attending this special Christmas celebration truly hears the Gospel and sees God’s love in action with these care packages.

We thank you for your prayers and if you feel led to help us financially with the Christmas Outreach Packages or with our Transportation Fund, please visit the Get Involved/Support Our Work page here.

We love you all so much and we are so grateful to partner with you in bringing the gospel to this great land. We will be sending out an update on all we have experienced thus far real soon, so keep looking for it. God bless you each for your roles in "rescuing the poor and helpless" in this generation with the love of God and the good news of salvation.