A Powerful Start to Christmas Week

From a good thing to a God thing
— Matthew 1:19-24

This year as we prepared for several different outreach events, we became excited to see something we have not yet seen in this area before - Christmas trees, lights, decorations, and even Santa outfits. We thought for sure this would be the best holiday outreach yet because so many have become interested in the Christmas holiday. The Sunday prior to Christmas, we had an amazing outpouring of God’s presence upon our hearts as I ministered through the Word of God. God had laid upon my heart a message concerning Joseph. Here is a little taste of it. 

Shaun and Lien Miles, Christmas in Vietnam

Shaun and Lien Miles, Christmas in Vietnam

Joseph was engaged to Mary. Package deal. The Lord favored her to bring forth His son into the world. Future Wife goes away and comes back pregnant. Let us be real, this is 99.999% of the time bad news. Joseph was going to do a good thing, by divorcing her quietly but God interrupted and wanted him to do a God thing. Big difference sometimes between a good thing and a God thing. The difference is revelation from God concerning His word in your life. Let us look at the differences in Joseph's life between a good thing and a God thing

How will you be able to tell when you have transformed situtions in your life from a good thing to a God thing. In Joseph's life, it became all about the Savior and not him. Joseph is mentioned only one other time after Jesus's birth and it was when Jesus was in the temple preaching and His parents came looking for Him. The rest of his life is relatively unknown, but the decision he made to make a good thing into a God thing made it all about Jesus. When you think of Joseph, you think of Jesus the Savior of the world, That is a God thing! Can that be said about you? When people think of you do they immediately think JESUS?

When we finished preaching, the invitation was given to those being moved by the Lord to come and make the good things in their life God things.  We also encourage those who did not know the Lord to come and pray to receive Him as Lord and Savior. The response was amazing.  Truly the Lord is moving in this place.